“Behind every mask is a face and behind that a story.”

2 min readJan 7, 2022

These words were written in the late 1970s by author Marty Rubin. Little would he have imagined that some 50 years later, these words would no longer be an emotional metaphor but a harsh physical reality called covid19 pandemic.

Every face here, that hides behind a mask, has seen something unprecedented. Collapsing health infrastructures, helplessness, chaos and unaccounted deaths which were beyond our comprehension. We all have a story about someone that got affected by Covid19 one way or the other.

Right now, wWe don’t know which phase of pandemic we are in. We keep riding on the waves, first, second, third, just hoping that one day we reach the shore of a normal life with less fear and more freedom. In the case of covid, prevention is the only cure. So, for now, get vaccinated and then run for the robust guards: masks, sanitizers and handwashing, the only tools that are still serving their purpose in this battle.

It’s December again, like it was in 2020, the world is in the same uncertainty yet again with the arrival of the new variant Omicron which has at least 20 mutations. Vaccines effectiveness is still not clear for this variant. We have seen havoc and destruction, we don’t want to witness again. From this year that is going by, we know the cost of carelessness. For a future that is peaceful and productive, we need to pledge our support to masking and sanitizing our hands regularly.

We are bidding adieu to 2021 with silent celebrations, looking forward to a new year with new hope, peace, kindness and optimism. In this regard, Awarewolfstore is starting an initiative to send out masks for just rupee 1 to everyone who needs it. Please do help us help you. Stay safe, stay protected. Get your masks right now!

We don’t have the prerogative to ignore this demon called Coronavirus. So, do not be a covidiot. Mask up!!!




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